Troy Maxon Loss Of Innocence Quotes

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Where does our innocence go when we grow up? How have we forgotten the simple innocence of our lives and their roles? Innocence plays such an important role in our lives but still, as we grow older, we seem to forget the memories that came along with it. How is childhood important? And why is it important to remember?
The world will constantly feed us these ideas as we grow older that the world isn’t what it seems and that it’s a horrible place. In the book ‘The Little Prince’ we can see this event taking place once the little prince meets the snake and he tells him that “Whomever I touch, I send back to the earth from whence he came”. The snake is representing the idea of death, how he could easily kill him. But the little prince is still so naive and innocent he doesn’t quite understand this yet. Later on, the snake doesn’t attack the little prince because he pities him since he is “so weak on this Earth made of granite”. Essentially, from the text we can tell what kind of person the little prince is. He is young, …show more content…

Another place where we can see this take place is in the play ‘Fences’. As we get to know the main character Troy Maxson it becomes clear throughout the play that Troy left behind that innocence that he used to feel when he was a child and turned bitter. Troy is having a dispute with Cory as they argue Troy says to Cory that he wants him to “Go on and learn how to put your hands to some good use. Besides hauling people’s garbage.” Obviously, from this, we can tell that he has forgotten the child's innocence that his child has still. He teaches him that the world is cruel no matter what and that there’s no room for dreams. On the other hand, Troy himself had a dream as well. Play for a big baseball team. But unfortunately, due to the unfairness of the world, he wasn’t able to pursue his dreams which were when he turned away from that

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