True Color Analysis

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Racism is still alive and well. Over the past week, we had the opportunity to view and hear two different scenarios about racism. This paper is going to focus on the comparison and contrasts of the video True Colors with the guest speaker, Adriel A. Hilton, Ph.D., information and experience regarding racism. The comparisons between these two situations regard education and sophistication, white privilege, and public harassment and treatment, while the contrasts focuses on the time period, different scenarios, and the information provided by Peggy McIntosh.
The two characters in the True Color video, Glen and John, and Adriel Hilton were educated members of society with sophisticated jobs. Glen and John more specifically enjoy the same activities, work the same job, and have similar up bringing’s. Overall, these three men are equals. The video and guest speaker show and discuss white privilege in society. In the video, many examples show that John, a white male, receives more attention and respect then Glen, a black male. Adriel, the guest speaker, touches on the definition of white privilege and the
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The video was made in 1991 and Adriel speaks about 21st century situations. Another difference is the details of video versus Adriel’s speech. The video elaborates on many different situations the two men are in and how they are treated differently. Adriel spoke more about definitions and had less examples. The video showed real life situations in action, such as the two men trying to buy a car and apartment. John was given a lower down payment for a car then Glen. Glen was told there were no more apartments available, but John was shown apartments. Adriel focused on explaining Peggy McIntosh’s theory during his speech. He asked the class if we agreed with her statements about white privilege and examples we have seen. Adriel’s was more informative, while the video was more engaging
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