True Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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True Courage-To Kill A Mockingbird Steve Maraboli once said, “It takes bravery to recognize where in your life you are your own poison… it takes courage to do something about it.” The two words, bravery, and courage are often used interchangeably. Although they both refer to dauntlessness and intrepidity, further examination of their meanings reveals that, contrary to popular belief, they are not synonyms. Bravery refers to the ability to fearlessly confront a dangerous or difficult task while courage has the more complicated meaning of being able to preserve through overwhelming situations despite being engulfed by fear. Courage, unlike bravery, is not feeling more powerful than the obstacle one is facing rather it is the force that allows an individual to continue to …show more content…

Harper Lee magnificently explains the complex meaning of courage in her timeless novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird‘ the theme of courage is developed through the characters Atticus, Tom Robinson, and Boo Radley to define the true meaning of courage. Atticus has a thorough understanding of courage as it is depicted through his decisions and actions. The most prominent example of Atticus’s courage is his dedication to improving inequality in Maycomb. In a town where racial segregation is eminent, Atticus defies town customs and defends a black …show more content…

Although it is not an easy trait to accomplish, the effort one exerts to perfect this trait will be truly rewarding in the end because as George M. Gilbert once said, “ Nothing in life that is of value comes easy. “ Works Cited Lee, Harper. To kill a mockingbird. Warner Books Inc., 1960. “Quotes About Bravery (1058 Quotes).” Goodreads,

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