True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Analysis

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True Diary Of A Part Time Indian

There are many example of what it mean to be human. It is natural to feel the desire to fit in with a group that is considered to be “normal”, but it can also be very damaging when people are always saying that you 're not. As people grow up they form their own opinions based on their experience. Junior is a Native American teenage who lives on an Indian reservation with him mother, father and sister. Junior sees himself as a poor Indian kid that is trying to change his fate. He decides to go to school off the reservation, to Reardan high school in order to seek a better life. It is again, a part of human nature to have the desire to fit in. Throughout the novel the authors shows how one 's opinions about themselves can alter due to other’s opinions on them. …show more content…

On the reservation, people look at Junior as some tall, stupid, average Native American fulfilling his fate to be average. The average Native American on the reservation has grown up on there their whole life and will never leave. Junior really appreciates the value of education so when Junior’s teacher Mr.P talks to Junior about leaving the rez school to then go to then Reardan high school Junior takes the opportunity. During the first couple of day Junior feels as though hw doesn’t belong. “Reardan was the opposite. It was the opposite of my family. It was the opposite of me. I didn’t deserve to be there. I knew it; all of those kids knew it”(56). It is clear Junior values how others look at him. He sees himself how other see him, starting at a new school can be hard and he will have to learn to adapt to the change in

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