Summary Of Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'

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Alexis Cooper Ms. King-Zimmerman AP Language and Composition 29 September, 2015 The setting in The Jungle by, Upton Sinclair takes place in the early 1900’s. The main story line is pictured around the Chicago meat packaging industry, or “Packingtown”. The author goes into graphic detail about the different ways the meat was “tainted”. In the Chicago meat packaging industries many of the workers were killed and turned into fertilizer as they fell into the fat rendering tanks. Sinclair also discussed how the deaths on the killing floor occurred. Workers suffered major injuries and were often ran over by runaway cattle. The title is a symbol for nature itself. Nature can be competitive and can relate to Capitalism. “Packingtown” is similar to …show more content…

Because the author was raised in Mississippi on a plantation in between two world wars, he was exposed to racism every single day. The author experienced the Jim Crow laws and the effect the laws had on society and those of color. Wright is a man of color and is subjected to all forms of racial prejudice and is unable to escape it. Although, he fights daily with racism around him he is able to develop the knowledge he needs but others have not. Wright struggles with not developing prejudice attitudes towards those who are not as knowledgeable as he may be. Throughout his life he must realize the religious prejudice and overcome it within himself and within his family. As he struggled throughout his life he was able to gain an understanding of nature’s society’s that were around him. Wright develops of sense of who he is and what he is as a writer. The character in the story creates a sense of survival and struggle in the world he calls home, but while dealing with a struggle he was able to overcome but not delete or cover up what was happening around him instead he was able to understand society and its way of

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