Summary Of The Jungle Under The Auspice By Upton Sinclair

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In 1904 Upton Sinclair was given $500 and commissioned by Fred Warren, the editor of the Appeal to Ransom to write about the wage slavery going on in Chicago’s packinghouse district after a failed strike by the workers. He was a socialist who had written several articles, political novels and was a patron of left-wing magazines. He spent seven weeks in Chicago doing his research. He was very much ill prepared for what he saw. He had never been in such areas, as he was raised in Baltimore and living in New Jersey. He wrote The Jungle under the auspice that he wanted to bring attention not only to the way the immigrants were being treated in America by their employers and others but also the living conditions they had to endure but it was actually …show more content…

The advertisement claimed, “The meat barons were ‘purely capitalistic’ and their excessive greed caused them to demolish competitors, treat employees like slaves, and develop ever more by-products.” (Wade pg. 83) This is also where he got the town name of Packingtown while the others called it Back of the Yards. Simons told Sinclair he was welcome to use whatever he could from it. Adolph Smith was an English socialist, who came to a convention on tuberculosis in St Louis and afterward visited the stockyards of Chicago. Sinclair wrote of Smith’s criticisms of the packinghouses as his own since had never done that type of reporting. Earnest Poole wrote of a Lithuanian, who came to the packinghouse area and prospered with the help of the union. Sinclair received a copy Charles Edward Russell's series 'The Greatest Trust in the World" and wrote to him saying they had been on the same path. With all of this information in hand Sinclair wrote The Jungle. It is likely to be based on the similarities of IK Freeman’s By Bread Alone. Sinclair had only visited the stockyards on three different occasions during his research. He had not given much mind to what was being done to the meat products during these visits, as that was not his

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