Who Is Upton Sinclair's Criticism

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Justin Gallo
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English III
26 Mar 2015 Upton Sinclair Novels are written to express views and ideas about the world. Sinclair grew up in a life of poverty and politics but that didn’t stop him from writing. He wrote over forty novels and others forms of writing as well that are still being read to this very day. Although Sinclair was criticized for his writing about politics and the government, it did not stop him from expressing his opinion of them. Upton Sinclair expressed his opinion about the world in the many novels he has written and used the criticism to further his drive. Many know of Sinclair's works but not many know about his life. Sinclair was born on September 20, 1878 and died on November 25, 1968 (Swirski). Upton was born in a boarding house which made him prone to poverty (Bryant). To get away from the poverty he was sent to his rich uncles who were snobby (Bryant). From what he saw from his uncles Sinclair swore that he would never sell out to the higher class (Bryant). He had written over forty novels as well as short stories and many other things (Swirski). In 1902 Upton Sinclair joined the Socialist Party (Swirski). After he had joined, Sinclair and a man named Jack London formed the Intercollegiate Socialist Society showing his growing political …show more content…

“The Jungle” was one of the most influential books in American History (Millen). It was a book about a family that had come to America seeking their dream only to find a nightmare (Millen). Sinclair's reason for writing the book was to expose the despairing world of the working class which furthered his drive to make it better (Millen). The message of the book was to show that people working in a capitalist society have no chance or hope (Millen). Also, Sinclair's first five novels were published between 1901 and 1906 (Strecker). Between 1917-1940 his novels were of contemporary life

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