Trust In Macbeth

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Trust Issues
Analysis of the trust in Macbeth

Loyalty doesn’t always come easily, even from those you would expect it from the most. You could have someone who has been your friend for as long as you can remember and they might betray you. Imagine having someone you have a lot of respect for and even call your friend, completely go behind you back and end up screwing you over. The biggest thing with loyalty come trust. The more trust you have with someone, the more vulnerable you will allow yourself to be around them. For this very reason, it makes it a lot easier for someone with your trust to betray you than someone without your trust. It is always the people closest to you that end up hurting you the most. This is the very situation
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In the beginning of Macbeth, King Duncan has so much respect for Macbeth because of his heroic acts in battles, that he names him the Thane of Cawdor. This gesture alone shows how much admiration and faith the King had in Macbeth; for this reason it sets up the capability to set up an evil plot to deceive Duncan. Another reason that King Duncan feels that he can trust Macbeth is because he is his cousin, which makes them family. In most cases it is your family that you can rely and fall back on, so that gave the King some false trust from the beginning. Also as explained before, Macbeth had always been a loyal and did what was told without alternative intentions so I doubt that even Macbeth expected this from…show more content…
His wife, Lady Macbeth, wanted him to be a king after hearing his so called prophecies that she manipulated him and belittled him into thinking that if he didn’t go through with the murder of Duncan then he was a wimp. She created a monster of a man after talking him into committing that first crime. After the first one, Macbeth had the mentality that he was already going to hell so why stop now. He killed his best friend next because he started to suspect Macbeth for the murder of the beloved King Duncan; from there on out anyone and anything that got in his way of his throne had to go. He wanted to be the King so bad that he stopped having the emotions of a normal human being and saw anyone in his way as a future target; because of this he no longer was the man that everyone knew him as before, he had changed

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