Tuskegee Experiment

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The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was an infamous that study the natural progression of untreated syphilis through African American men. These people were told that if they participate in this experiment they would receive free health care from the U.S. government. Around 400 men or 399 exact had syphilis while the remaining 200 didn’t have the disease, a total of 600 men were enrolled in the study. However, later on those who was infected wasn’t told that they had it, neither was he treated with penicillin which later on became the treatment. Due to this reason many of the men that participated in this experimented passed away due to syphilis. The Tuskegee Experiment lasted for forty years between 1932 and 1972. This forty years old experiment …show more content…

That is not paranoia. It is our historical legacy and a present fact…” (P.4 Vanessa Northington Gamble). This means that throughout history people value more of one race compared to the other race, which is sad but true. African Americans living at that time was brainwashed by society that their lives aren’t equal but less worth compared to the White people. Due to the way society worked back then, that influence their relationships with medical profession. This gave African American the perception that they were treated differently in the medical profession due to them being black which fuel the mistrust between them. There was a survey in 1986 which revealed that physicians didn’t informed them about how the prescribed medicine worked and whether or not their illness or injuries was serious or …show more content…

Freimuth, a participant stated that “To find whatever diseases that are occurring, to find out the solution to that, or cure ' '. One man illustrated the value of research in blunt terms, “Because if nobody do it, somebody gonna die, I mean, more people gonna die ' '. (P.804 Freimuth). This shows that some participant volunteered out of their own free will despite of not knowing. Some believe that by volunteering for the experiment it was necessary to find solutions for this situation and that it would help greatly to the researchers on finding a cure. Like the quote “Because if nobody do it, somebody gonna die, I mean, more people gonna die.”(804 Freimuth). said above. There is wisdom in these words, somebody has to do it or else many other people will suffer along with them. This shows that it wasn’t necessary the fact that these people were hold against their will to be experimented for this study. However, if they were informed of the experiment there is always the chance that the participants would have change their mind and not participate in this

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