The Tuskegee Experiment

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Trevor Sommer
Redtails (2012)
Director: Anthony Hemingway
Main Actors: Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker, David Oyelowo

The Truth: Prior to the FEPC, which prohibited discrimination in the military, African Americans weren’t allowed to pilot air craft for the United States military. After the FEPC was created the Air Force established a segregated all-African American pursuit squadron based out of Tuskegee, Alabama in what was known as the “Tuskegee experiment”. The purpose of the “experiment” was determine whether or not African Americans had the ability to fly and maintain combat aircraft. The men who served in this squadron were known as the Tuskegee airmen. Throughout WWII the Tuskegee airmen gained respect for their flying …show more content…

The fights in the film were made to be more exciting at the expense of being physically possible, with the pilots in the movie seemingly experiencing no g-forces whatsoever. Many of the fights that planes had with ground and sea targets only occurred because of the complete disregard for orders in the movie which is a huge liberty that the creators of the movie to make it more exciting even though the Tuskegee airmen were famous for being disciplined and focused on their missions. While the battles were the most exciting parts of the movie the CGI wasn’t the best looking, almost cartoonlike at times. While the battles and missions were the most exciting parts of the film there were often liberties taken to start the combat and make it more …show more content…

Roosevelt. The executive order that it enforced was executive order 8802 which prohibited discrimination within the defense industry. This order was created in response to outrage by African American leaders at the fact that African Americans, who were fighting, like anybody else, were forced into segregated units and still faced discrimination upon returning home. The defense industry refused to cooperate with the FEPC up until 1943 when FDR had the budget of the committee increased and replaced part time staff with full time staff around the country. The committee succeeded in allowing African Americans to assist in the war effort, but was dissolved in 1946 by a mostly southern led congress. Prior to the FEPC African Americans were barred from flying aircraft in the US

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