Executive Order 8802 Essay

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During July of 1941, millions of jobs were being created, primarily in densely-populated areas, as the United States prepared to enter World War II. These densely-populated areas had large numbers of migration, specifically from African Americans, who sought to work in defense industries, but were often met with rejection and discrimination within the workplace. A. Philip Randolph, a civil rights activist and president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and other black leaders, met with Eleanor Roosevelt and members of the President’s cabinet. They demanded action from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be taken towards eliminating racial bias in the workplace; they threatened to commence a March on Washington if an executive order was not…show more content…
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that helped to eliminate racial discrimination in the U.S. defense industry and was an important step towards ending racial bias in federal government workplaces…show more content…
Executive Order 8802 worked to eliminate racial bias in the workplace, however discrimination will always exist. However, with the help of Executive Order 8802, as a nation, the United States has accomplished many things in relation historically. Historical moments like The Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s forever changed the United States. African Americans had been free for almost a century, but did not have civil rights. Executive Order 8802 impacted The Civil Rights Movement as it gave African Americans a voice in the workforce and socially as well. In modern day history, Executive Order 8802 granted The United States’ a first black president, Barack Obama. As a country, The United States has experienced many hardships and accomplishments, but it is what makes America a strong country. FDR took a grand leap in issuing Executive Order 8802 ,as it changed the lives’ of many who had been stripped of their voice for years, and finally began to regain it with Executive Order
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