Separate But Equal Rule

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There was one student at the University of Oklahoma that was treated with disrespect and inferiority because of how he looked and how he acted. The poor conditions for blacks in schools under the “Separate but equal” doctrine caused the NAACP to file 5 different cases that took out segregation from schools and the Supreme Court’s decision created history. The conditions for black students were horrible and unsanitary. The ¨Separate but Equal¨ doctrine was created in 1896 to keep blacks and whites away from each other (Somervill 28). This was to keep them ¨Equal¨ but really did not because all of the black areas were not kept in good condition and the white´s was. This had a big effect on the school system as well. The black schools were …show more content…

In 1954 the Supreme Court decided to make a historic decision and made it unconstitutional to make public schools segregated. 3 years after segregation was banned the south was still not accepting of the new rule so when nine students in Little Rock, Arkansas tried to join the white high school they were not accepted. At first, there were huge protests and violence to stop the kids but that still did not work. After that, the state called in the National Guard to keep the kids out but the kids became so popular in the news that the president sent in the actual Army to protect the kids and keep the rioters out. 5 years after that was a big step for the University of Mississippi because their first black student was admitted in 1962. His name was James Meredith and he was the first black student to graduate a University after the “Separate but Equal” act was banned in the education systems. Then an even bigger step for the black community happened when in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed the “Civil Rights Act” which banned segregation from all public places. Overall the Brown v. Board cases had a huge impact on the education system and the normal day lives of all black

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