Causes And Effects Of The 1943 Detroit Riots

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The 1940’s started off with war between the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers, which became known as World War 2. The U.S. had not been involved in WWll until December 7, 1941 when the Japanese Navy Air Service launched an attack on Pearl Harbor. As a result of this attack President Franklin D. Roosevelt integrated the defense industry assembly lines so bombs could be manufactured.. This was the first time southern blacks and southern whites were demanded to work together. This caused more racial tension to rise in Detroit between blacks and whites. Finally the tension exploded, white people went into black neighborhoods to attack the black people starting the 1943 Detroit Riots. This started a race war between the black and white citizens of Detroit. The riots lasted about 2 days, when it finally ended 24 …show more content…

Rosa Parks was the candidate that had fit the bill perfectly. December 1, 1951, Parks boarded a Montgomery city bus where she went to the Black only section to take her seat. Later a white man asked her to give up her seat and she refused to. This act of defiance caused Parks to be arrested, but it was a step towards ending racial segregation on the Montgomery city busses that happened a year later. Another incident happened in the south that allowed black to cross the racial divide. A young girl by the name of Ruby Bridges was to be the first African American girl to attended an all white elementary school in New Orleans. This was possible because of the victory the NAACP had had some time earlier. The NAACP went to the Supreme Court in 1954 to challenge the segregation of schools. They won the case and a law was passed, signed by Thurgood Marshall, that schools will no longer be segregated. After the law was passed young students around the south challenged the segregation in universities too. Out of this, an organization called SNCC was

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