Two Fishermen And The Snob Analysis

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When it comes to doing what 's right; when stuck in a dilemma, how does one conform? Society is constantly edging us to submit to external pressures with the fear of being judged even if it might be the wrong decision. Two Fishermen, and The Snob illustrated by Morley Callaghan are both exceptional examples on how society views and pressures can have an impact on one’s actions towards a situation. Whether it is based on one’s hierarchy placement by assumptions or, even when one gets judged by the way they appear. Throughout these two short stories, the protagonists Michael and John are placed in tough situations making them face societal obstacles. When someone is placed in a situation they can feel uncomfortable, or threatened, which then …show more content…

When coming across someone who doesn 't fit the profile of a "normal human", assumptions and or inferences can be made unconsciously. In the story Two Fishermen, Smitty was known as the hangman, creating instant images, and or assumptions that he could be a savage, intimidating looking man just based by his title. However ironically he happened to be a: " A very small man with little gray baby curls of the back of his neck.." Instantly causing doubts to all images created. Creating this empathy forming within; especially when Michael came across Smitty for the first time. Making it only easier for Michael to approach the meek, petite male sitting curled up on upon the pier. Yet in the story The Snob, when John caught a glance of his father in the bookstore "with his hair too long, and his rather shabby clothes.." He then felt a heavy wave of humiliation overcome him. Knowing how people perceive him looking rather like a workingman than someone well dressed and more so put together. Especially worried that his girlfriend Grace would instantly judge his father by his appearance after all that work he put into portraying himself as a wealthy well-fitted man. Constantly seeking Grace 's "approval". Particularly concerning the fact that, Old Harcourt’s appearance is not meeting the societal standards of how one should look. Which also cause people to automatically place Old Harcourt in a lower

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