Argumentative Essay About Anxiety

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In a time when society demands more than you can deliver, anxiety is a common problem plaguing the human race. Human beings constantly worry about ev-er-ry-thing! We worry about the minutest details. We even tend to worry about why it’s so quite in the house when everybody is out! And why wouldn’t we? The world has turned into a concrete jungle with perhaps more dangers than a real jungle. Every bend, every corner opens a new can of worms! Some people manage to deal with it well enough, and some do not. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States effecting 18% of the population with other countries not far behind. Now that you know that you are not the only person suffering from anxiety, I’ll have you know that it is …show more content…

These symptoms make it difficult for a person to live their life in peace, and overcoming these symptoms is step one to overcoming the disorder. Ordinary day-to-day activities are interrupted because of anxiety and fear. Constant worrying has a huge impact on your mental as well as physical well-being. Symptoms can be emotional as well as physical. • Excessive worrying Constantly worrying about the past, present and future and about everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is going to cause an unnecessary waste of time. However, people suffering from anxiety cannot help but worry. The logic is often askew! People worry about the most basic everyday things. • Concentration Since worrying about everything takes up most of the time, people cannot concentrate on any one particular thing for an elongated period of time. Due to the lack of concentration, people also do not remember and forget things easily. • Feeling of danger Every anxiety disorder is based on some feeling of impending danger or doom. Even in completely safe situations, people think up scenarios where some catastrophe is possible! These feelings of danger can stem from feelings of unpredictability and

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