Tybalt Is To Blame For Mercutio's Death

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In the tragic play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Mercutio and Tybalt have an argument which leads up to a fight to the death but they both end up dying. Even though some may believe it’s Mercutio’s fault for the deaths, I believe that it’s Tybalt’s fault for both of the deaths. I believe that Tybalt is responsible for both his own and Mercutio’s death because he is hot-headed and opinionated when it comes to listening to other people One of the Reasons Tybalt is to blame for both of the deaths is because of his careless action choice. After talking to Mercutio, Tybalt was furious and wanted to fight him “(Draws his sword)” (3.1.70) which shows that he pulls out his sword, wanting to take on Mercutio. During the fight, Romeo gets

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