Tybalt Quotes For Romeo And Juliet

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“Anger doesn 't solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can make everything worse.” As you might be able to tell, the quote could very easily apply to Tybalt, the fierce and fiery character of The Tragic Story of Romeo and Juliet. In this play, Tybalt is responsible for his own death. Some examples supporting that statement, is that he was the one who had challenged the Montague Romeo in a duel, he had been told by the prince that if they fought again in the streets of Verona, Italy then they would be killed, he also killed Mercutio, Romeo 's best friend in a duel that was meant to kill Romeo.

Moreover, in the beginning of the very tragic love story, Romeo had gone to a Capulet party that wasn 't really meant for him go to. Montagues and Capulets don 't mesh well yet he still went to see the girl he was said to be in love with, Rosaline. This is when the tragedy started to unravel. Tybalt spotted Romeo even though Romeo. Tybalt instantly had an urge to kill him. They were not on the best terms what so ever. Lord Capulet really wanted to just keep the peace, he didn 't want any outburst at his party. Lord Capulet had said to Tybalt “Content thee, gentle coz. Let him alone’’(1.5.3). Lord Capulet also had told Tybalt that Romeo was a good person in general and not to worry about him. Tybalt listened for that time at the party, even though he really didn 't want to at all. Right after the party is when he couldn 't contain his anger. Tybalt sent a challenge letter to Romeo.

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