Unitary And Confederal Systems Of Government

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There are many things in political science that some of us may not be aware of. I have learned a lot in this class that I was not aware of before. I would like to share with you a little detail on the concepts I have learned . I will do this by first addressing the unitary , federal and confederal systems of government. Then I will tell about the two party and multi party systems by comparing them. Finally, I will explain the judicial review and how exactly it works.

The unitary system of government is where the power stays in the central government. The central government makes all the decision unless permission is given to those under the government.The central government also regulates anything dealing with other countries as well …show more content…

The judicial review was created so that the decisions of legislative and executive branch could be reviewed.This ensures that the decisions made are constitutional. It also makes sure that we as the United States citizens are being treated fairly when the decisions are made. I personally think that our country would really be in a mess if we didn't have the judicial review. There would be many people claiming things are not fair to them. However, the judicial review ensures them everything is constitutional and fair to them. It also reviews over the administrators as well. This makes sure they are not abusing their power to be in …show more content…

The first two paragraphs I discussed the different types of government systems. The unitary system is primarily controlled by the central government . However, the central government does sometime giver permission for the locals to make decisions.Then, there is the federal system.The federal system break up the power between the nation and the states.This is the type of system we have here in the united states as I stated earlier. This gives them both equal power by splitting the responsibilities . They each has designated areas for each to control and keep regulated.The last type of system I discussed was the confederal .In this system the central government does absolutely all the decision making. In the next two following paragraphs I explained the two type of party systems. The first one is the two-party system.The two-party system involves two parties which are called the democrats and republicans.This is the party system we have here in the united states.The other is called the multi-party system. This system is in other countries such as Brazil, India etc. This type of party system is multiple parties who have the chance to gain control of the government. Then in my two ending paragraphs I addressed the judicial review. I explained how the judicial review ensures the law we have here in the united states go by the constitution. The decisions made by the legislative and executive brach get

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