Use Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Imagine a world where it would be forbidden and prohibited to read or own any books. Would you feel furious after someone burns your house just because you have books hidden within your walls? Fahrenheit 451 was a novel written by author Ray Bradbury and published in 1953. This novel majorly focuses on the theme censorship used to manipulate the society. In Bradbury's fictional world, the novel is told through the eyes of a fireman named Guy Montag. A fireman's job is not to put out fires, instead to start fires to destroy unwanted books. Books are seen as dangerous and only cause problems in the world Bradbury writes about. People in this society do not think independently nor have control over their lives. They are not eager …show more content…

Fahrenheit 451 shows how powerful and dangerous censorship could be to a community. Thought this novel the government creates a totalitarianism society and has absolute power over the peoples thoughts and actions. Clarisse and Montag have this conversation about burning books, “Do you ever read any of the books you burn?” He laughed. "That's against the law!” "Oh Of course.” This conversation shows how the government eliminates books to control the spread of ideas. This illustration from the work reveals how the government uses censorship as a mean to destroy anything they don't agree with. The government suppressed information in this dystopian society because books raise questions about certain rules and regulations that often lead to revolts. In the extract Montag laughs when Clarisse asks him weather he reads the books he burns. It had been physiologically proven that nervous laughter is a sign of discomfort. Montag was confused by the question because he had never considered to read the books he burns. Clarisse triggers Montags rebellion against the firemen because she opened his eyes to reality and if what he was doing (burning books) was right, he began to question his job. It is clear that Montag was not like any other firemen he was curious and did not believe in the government. He no longer believed the government had a right to oppress freedom of …show more content…

Happiness is not present in this society because knowledge is not present. Although society in the novel say that books contain nothing, but that is what the government has stuck into their heads. Montag tries to ask Mildred why she attempts to committed suicide, ”The bottle was empty.” "I wouldn't do a thing like that. Why would I do a thing like that?" she asked. Mildred is tricked into believing she is satisfied with her life, but she truly is not. She denies the fact she had overdosed last night because she doesn't want to admit that she is depressed. If the possibility that people in Fahrenheit 451 were allowed to read and own books, then people would have answers to questions and would understand the world better. Throughout this novel, Bradbury demonstrates that independence and communication are essential components of happiness. In this dystopian society, people depend on new found technology and the belief that everything they see/think is

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