Use Of Metaphors In Oedipus Rex

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Every person is unique in their own sense of style, my hairstyle could be different from my friends or my fashion sense could be different from my siblings. Likewise, author’s have their own sense of style in writing. For example, Shakespeare's ways of writings are different from Sophocles's with maybe their use of metaphors or imageries. Sophocles uses serious and basic diction, meanwhile, Shakespeare uses strange words from the “Shakespearean language”. In Oedipus rex, originally written by Sophocles in 400B.C, figures of speech, diction, and ironies are used by Sophocles to make up his tragedies.
In the tragic play, Oedipus rex, figures of speech such as symbolisms and extended metaphors are used by Sophocles. He displays the whole play as an extended metaphor in order to be able to raise the reader's interest. Moreover, in the prologue of the play lines 26-27 the priest said, “ Thebes is tossed in a murdering sea and cannot lift her head from the death surge.” The …show more content…

The tragedy is filled with dramatic ironies due to Oedipus’ ambition in finding King Laius’s murderer. As Oedipus was addressing the people of Thebes about the consequences that will follow the murderer, “Be driven from every house, being, as he is, corruption itself to us”(Sophocles 227-228). The dramatic irony is that Oedipus is the murderer himself but he does not know it yet, so the proclamation that he said should be applied to him. Alternatively, Tiresias replied to Oedipus after he insulted him for being “sightless” and “ senseless” and said, “There is no one here who will not curse you soon, as you curse me.” Tiresias said this because even though he is blind he can still see the truth of who the true murderer is. Therefore soon the people of Thebes will start to cursing Oedipus once they find out he was the reason behind the

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