Oedipus Rex Quotes Project

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Oedipus Rex Quotes Project
“Poor Children… take any action the god orders.” Line 60
This quote gives insight to the current plot of the story. This passage reveals that Thebes is currently suffering from a fatal plague, and Oedipus trying to be a good King, sent Kreon to visit the oracle. Sophocles uses this passage to start the plot of the story. The play isn’t really about the plague, it is about Oedipus. By using a plague, Sophocles gives Oedipus a reason to start investigating the murder of King Laios. This one of the most important passages in the play because it puts the whole play in motion. Everything that Oedipus learns later in the story occurs because of this moment.
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Most people watching the play would probably laugh at this passage because they all know information that Oedipus doesn’t. Oedipus is completely oblivious to the possibility that he may be the son of Laios. Sophocles wrote this passage specifically to be ironic and keep the viewers entertained. The line “[Laios’] son would have been my children’s brother” is especially ironic, because not only would his son be his children’s brother, he would also be Oedipus’ brother. Sophocles also uses this passage to add to the plot of the story. Because Oedipus is so ignorant to the information that everyone knows, it is only a matter of time before it is …show more content…

He uses an abundance of imagery like “red hail” and his blood spattered beard to describe the process and the look of the scene that occurred off set. He has to have someone describe the scene because Oedipus does not blind himself on stage. Someone else explains what happens to add a sense of imagination, and to show just how terrifyingly memorable the moment was. Sophocles also uses this passage to show just how terrible Oedipus feels about what has happened. He is so disgusted by what he did, that he blinded himself, and therefore completed the tragedy of the

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