Utilitarianism Vs Republican Theory

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The Republican Theory Thus far we have been uncovering different views and perspectives of the universe within the sociological studies. These have included the Utilitarian Theory and the Liberal Theory of Justice. Now our readings have taken us beyond these theories, and has introduced us to an entire new principle, The Republican Theory. Although the theory itself has the same name as a political party within the United States, it should not be confused with the same beliefs of those in the Republican party. The Republican Theory, or form of government, is one where the power is placed in the people, mainly through representatives whom are delegated by the people. The purpose of this was to increase fairness as well as a spread of common welfare where all citizens would be able to have freedom under established laws. Two men, Aristotle and Michael Sandel believe that the Republic Theory is one of, if not the best form of government to establish, and have thus based their beliefs on it. Aristotle focused his writings on specific topics within the Republic Theory, the first of which was the principle of citizenship. Aristotle believed that constitutions were used as ways to organize the citizens within a given city. However, Aristotle did not believe that citizenship was simply determined by the residence of an individual in a city. In fact, he thought that the citizenship of a person should be determined on the share that person plays within the administration of

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