Vandalism In Julius Caesar Jr

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William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Jimmy Breslin’s article, “The Fear and the Flames” are very similar even though they were written during two very different time periods. Both writers revealed how people sometimes respond to the assassination of public figures. Breslin wrote about the events in Washington, D.C. following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Shakespeare noted the events following Julius Caesar’s assassination in Rome. These two men were very respected leaders in both societies that very few did not like. In both writings, the citizens reacted in similar ways by innocent people getting hurt, looting businesses and breaking things also known as vandalism, and fire and burning also known as arson. These similarities reveal that human nature does not change over time when responding in a time of crisis. Many innocent people were hurt as a result…show more content…
In Breslin’s article, many of the main districts on Fourteenth and F had been robbed during all the chaos. An example specifically was a smashed shoe store that Jimmy Flood had to duck into to get away from the smoke so he could breathe for a few moments. Another example in Breslin’s article was of the six-story apartment house that had been gutted. All of the furniture was outside of it and piled in the gutter. This scene reminded Jimmy Flood of all the cities that experienced civil rights problems in the 1960s like Detroit and Newark that should have shown them how bad things would be. The vandalism in Julius Caesar by the citizens after they found out about Caesar's generous donations was taking anything they could find to burn in order to cremate Caesar. They took benches, windowsills, and basically anything they could burn. Citizens do not know how to act in a time of confusion and just grab the first thing they
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