Vanessa Trait's Alice In Wonderland

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The story of “Alice in Wonderland” has always been interpreted to somewhat of a physiological drug-induced adventure. From the talking animals to the mythical creatures as well as including the caterpillar smoking while sitting on top of a mushroom. But what is not as commonly known is that this story is a metaphor for a psilocybin-induced experience. In “Looking Glass House” the author: Vanessa Trait uses strong allure to drugs throughout the story. By using the word “kitty” repeatedly it shows how Alices perception on the world has been altered because she is giving humanistic characteristics to an animal rather than keeping the animalistic traits. By doing this it is hinting at the fact that Alice underwent a serious neurotic change and is looking at the world in a way no one else can …show more content…

While as the other people in the story see Alice as primitive and unstable the deeper the reader gets into the story the more they realize that she was looking at the world through her own independent lense. The majority of people who have undergone a psilocybin experience relate to this as well. According to Charles Grob a professor of bio behavioral and psychiatric sciences as well as being the director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of California LA the deeper effects of psychedelics conducted an experiment using psylobyn and how the patents viewed the world after the fact. "The reports I got back from the subjects, from their partners, from their families were very positive — that the experience was of great value, and it helped them regain a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning to their life" according to Grobe. The field testing adds a new level to the effects that sylobyn has on the human brain. Grobe’s research has contributed significantly towards the overall depletion of the stigma against psilocybin. The historical attributes of psilocybin have been researched and tested by Native

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