Vegetable Love Ferguson Analysis

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Webster Dictionary defines equality as the similitude in value or status. A simplistic definition , but how does this definition fluctuate when in correlation to the simplistic nature of relationships. For partners in any relationship whether familial , platonic ,or sexual there must be a semblance of equality. The article “Equality in Relationship” states “When one partner maintains power and control over the other .The relationship is extremely unbalanced and unequal”. When one partner holds too much power in the relationship the other partner will begin to feel insufficient causing insecurities in their status . This type of imbalance is shown in the story “Vegetable Love” . Annette’s position power in the relationship is the propulsive …show more content…

Annette based all of her decisions on a specific elusive spot , and when Ferguson asked she consulted with her spot to determine if he was actually the one .When her spot spoke back , she decided that they weren’t right for each other and blamed it on the fact that he did not have a spiritual spot , which was “ partially has to do with what you eat or don’t eat”(Apple 458) . After Annette eventually leaves Ferguson he decides that to get her back he has to find this spot. Transcendental meditation , yoga , aerobics , dynamic tension, and doctors can’t help him find this spot (Apple 461). He decides to go on a journey to Dallas to find her , and while there he has an epiphany. Ferguson ponders “Did someone like Kennedy have a spot which he consulted when the Russians put missiles into Cuba . . .If important people had spots and listened to them, things would not go wrong in the world . . . Only his Annette heard the hum of the rhythm of her body , while a tone-deaf world crumbled around her” (Apple 457) . His epiphany that this elusive must be exclusive to Annette alone and that if it was as important as she made it , it was not the end of the world if he found it or not . In his search for this spot he found himself and he became a different person . Someone spontaneous , someone who made his own decisions and choices regardless of the spots on his body

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