Martha Minow Theory Of Forgiveness Essay

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What is forgiveness? Forgiveness can be seen from two different perspectives: the victim and the perpetrator. Victims ask themselves: When should I forgive? If I forgive, will I be frailer or stronger? On the other hand, offenders ask themselves: Will asking for forgiveness make me weaker? Will I feel better if I ask for forgiveness? These are a series of questions both victims and perpetrators make to themselves after suffering some type of physical, verbal, or mental attack or after being the one who committed these crimes. In order to answer the initial question set above of “what is forgiveness?” it is important to analyze different sources that provide a deeper analysis of the topic. In Disgrace and A Human Being Died That Night, J.M Coetzee and Pumla …show more content…

In order to analyze the different texts and film, it is important to begin by understanding Martha Minow’s theory on forgiveness. Minow argues that there should be a balanced reached between forgiveness and vengeance. She portrays the positive aspects of forgiving and additionally, how “vengeance” can be seen as punishments that are well deserved by offenders in order to achieve

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