Venice's Tale Of Shylock In The Merchant Of Venice

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On 16th century the Venice was the most powerful and liberal city state in Europe in tolerance of the Jews. By law, the Jews were forced to live in walled foundry and they locked and guarded by Christians. Antonio who is well known respected, wealthy and a merchant where he owns merchant ships which sailing on the sea where it was his source of income. He is a Christian. Shylock who’s a Jew has an anger to Antonio for he spitting his face at the contrary of Jews and he also is a well-known moneylender and has a young daughter named Jessica who fell in love to Lorenzo, one of Antonio and Bassanio’s friend. Jessica whose Shylock 's daughter and also a Jew, she was run away with the man he loves, Lorenzo and also took all of Shylock’s money with him. Lorenzo is a Christian and Jessica wants him so much that she is willing to convert as a Christian and marry him. Jessica leaves her father Shylock alone and lonely because of that. It was made him very mad and feel more anger to Christians especially to Antonio and his friends and he seeks for revenge. Bassanio was one of Antonio’s closest friend, he is a noble person and a lover man who found a beautiful girl who he admires the most. Bassanio tells to Antonio his admire young and beautiful heiress lady…show more content…
At the Belmont, their husband arrived. Nerissa and Graciano greeted each other with a quarrel between the wedding ring that her husband gave to the judge’s clerk because she begged for it just like Bassanio’s wedding ring. The both wives pretend to be anger and vows to never sleep with their husband until they see their rings again. Bassanio plead to Portia the reason why he gave that ring to the judge. But then the two wives revealed that she, Portia was the Doctor and Nerissa who’s her clerk and both husband were startled and happy. And finally, it ends happily as Portia gives the letter for three of Antonio’s ship comes home safely. And Nerissa gave the gift they got from Shylock’s possession to Jessica and

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