Vietnam War Pros And Cons

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Hiroshima is widely known as the city in Japan that was targeted by a nuclear bomb. The United States connection to the event impacted another war after the end of World War II, which was the Cold War. There were many actions that were taken before the rise of fear from another nuclear launch began to surround the minds of most people in the World. Furthermore, Micamble book From Roosevelt to Truman exemplifies the notion that Truman decisions leading up to the bombing would create chaos across the globe along with nuclear fear. However, the fact that the United States was the only country to launch a bomb during war-time continues to raise the question if it was an ethical option. The idea of using a nuclear weapon for war has been judged from the effects that comes with the use of enormous threat. Consequently, the politics, socio-economic, and culture within Japan altered, due to the United States strategic plan to end the war. Moreover, the bombing of Hiroshima served as an catalyst to launch the Cold War in 1947. …show more content…

The Big Three originally consisted of FDR, Stalin, and Churchill and they all had a common enemy during World War II. Despite their conflicting views of ideology the three strived for the means of peace without anymore loss of men. However, the actions that were in the works, in order to end the war, varied from each leader. Truman and his circle of men would later affect the stable, cooperating Big three because of his mistrust with Stalin and his emerging Cold War ideology. Yet these men are still important to the launch of the cold war. This has to do with their involvement in world war II and their tactics to end the war. Hitler even prophesied that “two superpowers will emerge from the

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