Violence Against Women In Canada

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Inequality between genders and norms on tolerating violence against women are the root causes of violence against women in Canada (Violence against women, n.d.). Women in Canada are at a greater risk than men when it comes to domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking (Gender-based violence, n.d.). Despite the various numbers of programs and rules that have been developed to counter the violence against women in Canada, studies have shown violence against women in Canada continues firmly and is one of the major problems in the society (Violent victimization of aboriginal women in the Canadian provinces, 2009). The United Nations defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to …show more content…

2008). These consequences accompanied with the violent acts are likely to cause negative effects on the society as a whole (World Health Organization 2011). For instance, employers could experience low productivity and less output from their employees while women 's informal aid networks e.g. families and friends are probable to alter their daily duties to provide aid to victims of violence (Reeves and O 'Leary-Kelly 2007, AuCoin and Beauchamp 2007). This is in addition to the societal expenses related to delivering and maintain health care, justice-related services to people who are victimized including the costs related to the criminal justice response to the accused (Johnson and Dawson 2011). In 2009, 76% of women who experienced violence disclosed only to family, friends and their neighbours (Impact of violence against women, 2015). The consequences of violence against women in can be far-reaching in general. The experiences of violence indirectly have the chances of reminding others in the society of the potential risk of being victimized also which in return increases the fear level within the society (Johnson and Dawson 2011). In particular, children are more likely to witness spousal violence. This exposure to violence has the chance of causing a long-term emotional and behavioural issues thereby sustaining costs to the socio criminal justice system for later years (Holt et al. 2008). The provincial and territorial child welfare legislation considers the witness of violence against parents by children as a form of maltreatment which requires the involvement of the provincial and territorial child welfare/children 's aid (Trocme et al.

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