Violence In Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime

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Violence is never the answer, unless it is in literature. The work of Crime and Punishment is one of the greatest examples of how violence moves along the storyline. The scenes of violence in Crime and Punishment contribute to the work because it drives the characters insane, impacts the lives of the characters, and finally it was used as a way for our main character to prove himself as an above-average person.

The act of murdering the pawnbroker and her sister caused Raskolnikov’s to spiral into insanity. Soon after the crimes were committed Raskolnikov found it difficult to stay conscious because he experienced multiple fainting spells. “He was not completely unconscious, however, all the time he was ill; he was in a feverish state, …show more content…

Raskolnikov crimes not only ended the lives of the pawnbroker and Lizaveta, but the murders also impacted the lives of Raskolnikov’s friends and family. For example, if Raskolnikov did not kill the pawnbroker, then he would have not gotten better acquainted with Razumikhin. Razumikhin is the one who marries Dunya in the end. Therefore, had Razumikhin never gotten close to him, Razumikhin would have never been able to pursue his love for Dunya. Likewise, Sonya was a woman who came from a very poor family was given a chance due to Raskolnikov’s guilt about his crimes. “"Listen, Razumihin," began Raskolnikov, "I want to tell you plainly: I 've just been at a death-bed, a clerk who died... I gave them all my money... and besides I 've just been kissed by someone who, if I had killed anyone, would just the same... in fact I saw someone else there... with a flame-coloured feather... but I am talking nonsense; I am very weak, support me... we shall be at the stairs directly…’”[Dostoyevsky, Part 2 Chapter 7] Raskolnikov gift of money to the family gave them the boost they needed to continue. As we have seen even before the death of Marmeladov, his family was suffering and even Sonya had to resort to prostitution in order to make some money. Raskolnikov’s guilt and the actions that he takes due to the crime cause many lives to be …show more content…

Raskolnikov 's act of violence is what causes him to go insane, impacts the lives of the people around him, and finally violence is Raskolnikov’s way of proving himself as an above-average individual. Dostoyevsky used violence to change the course of not only Raskolnikov’s life but also the lives of the people around him. The story shows how one man 's image of himself as a higher being can cause him to commit violent acts, which impact everyone around

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