St. Petersburg In Crime And Punishment

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Saint Petersburg, the setting of Crime and Punishment, plays a major role in the formation in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s acclaimed novel. Dostoyevsky’s novels focus on the theme of man as a subject of his environment. Dostoyevsky paints 1860s St. Petersburg as an overcrowded, filthy, and chaotic city. It is because of Saint Petersburg that Raskolnikov is able to foster in his immoral thoughts and satisfy his evil inclinations. It is only when Raskolnikov is removed from the disorderly city and taken to the remoteness of Siberia that he can once again be at peace. This is exactly what he does with the character of Raskolnikov, while in the process indicating that Crime and Punishment is not one of a crime, but one of a discovery of the motive behind …show more content…

The overcrowded apartments and rooms foster poverty. Eviction from his greedy landlord is an ever-looming fear for Raskolnikov. He becomes trapped within the vicious cycle of poverty and place. For example, he pawns a watch to his landlady who offers him a meager amount for the watch. Raskolnikov, Raskolnikov cannot accept anything lower due to his debt to her. Raskolnikov’s accumulating debt owed to his landlord prevents him from moving outside of Saint Petersburg and causes massive emotional damage. Each time he leaves his apartment, he fears seeing his landlady, The stress and anxiety arising from the debt he owes to his landlord causes him to become unruly and he had, “fallen into a state of nervous depression akin to hypochondria,” feeding into his detachment from society. Not only does Raskolnikov’s living situation seem grim, but his room itself furthers his emotional detachment from society. Raskolnikov’s room allows him to dehumanize himself. of an apartment in Saint Petersburg is described as,). His room was not a place of life. Accustomed to his dark room, he “becomes disturbed by the sunlight”. He is physically agitated by the presence of the sunThe sun bothers Raskolnikov as if he were a creature of the dark. His dark room facilitates his worsening psychological state and helps him to alienate himself from

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