Raskolnikov Pride Quotes

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Raskolnikov's pride affects both his actions toward others and his relationships with his friends and family. Pride is a force that can heavily influence the decisions that a character makes It can cause people to do things that otherwise would be inadvisable. Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov is a prime example of this. Raskolnikov makes many decisions throughout the story that otherwise would not make sense if he was not so prideful. His refusal to accept help from his mother and sister, as well as from Razumihin was a direct result of his pride. Raskolnikov is a very intelligent, prideful man, So much so that the very thought of leaving his house in tattered clothes made him anxious. Raskolnikov also refuses to go to his tutoring job because of this. despite these facts, Raskolnikov has little care for the people and the world around him believing himself to be above them because of his intelligence. Raskolnikov killed Alyona Ivanovna because she held power over him because he was indebted to her but his other motives for killing her can be traced back to his ideology that …show more content…

Raskolnikov believes that Dounia is only marrying Luzhin so that she can have his money to secure Raskolnikov's future by giving him money so that he can continue to attend University. Raskolnikov compares Dounia to Marmelodovs daughter Sonya saying if she marries Luzhin she will be no better than a prostitute. Raskolnikov also refuses to accept money from his mother due to his pride, he views accepting help as a weakness, and because he sees himself as different and better than others he does not need help. Raskolnikov gives the money he received from his mother to the Marmelodovs even though he desperately needed it his pride won't allow him to keep

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