What Extent Did Rasputation Affect The Monarchy's Power From 1908-1917?

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Russian Revolution
To what extent did Rasputin’s reputation affect the monarchy’s power during the Russian Revolution from 1908-1917?

Sub questions
How did Rasputin gain control over the monarchy?
Why was propaganda of Rasputin and the Tsar and Tsarina created?
Was Rasputin’s death celebrated by the people?

The Russian Revolution (1905-1917) was a series of political and social revolution leading to the downfall of the imperial government in Russia. Many factors contributed to the revolution however the focus of the following investigation is Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin, a self-proclaimed holy man, heavily influenced the last royal family of Russia throughout the revolution. Rasputin quickly became an enemy to the citizens …show more content…

At the time of his death, the people had already spread rumours and turned their backs on him and the monarchy. “Russia breathes more freely” titles the article, followed by ‘Well rid of Rasputin”. The monk who was hated and feared by the people had his death celebrated. Aristocrats were the ones to throw him in the river of Neva in St Petersburg after his attempted murder due to the fear they had over Rasputin’s influence in the Romanov court. After being thrown into the freezing water, he was later found dead from drowning (Harris, …show more content…

Royals sitting with Rasputin propaganda poster.

Rasputin and the empress

Barrel says Rasputinsky Durman

Right hand side says rapproachment with the people.

Left hand side says joining the people

Despite the Tsar and Tsarina being married, this poster depicts the rumour about Rasputin and the Tsarina as she is sitting on his lap while Tsar sits off the side. Rasputin looks happy.

Tsar is spilling liquid he was drinking on the floor like Rasputin almost got him drunk.

Rasputin has his hand on Tsarinas body.
Rasputin exerted a degree of influence over the royal family, particularly Tsarina Alexandra, a relationship that fuelled rumours, criticisms and anti-tsarist propaganda.21 https://alphahistory.com/russianrevolution/grigori-rasputin/#:~:text=Rasputin%20exerted%20a%20degree%20of,criticisms%20and%20anti%2Dtsarist%20propaganda “He particularly influenced the czarina and was rumored to be her lover. When Nicholas departed to lead Russian forces in World War I, Rasputin effectively ruled the country through Alexandra, contributing to the already-existing corruption and disorder of Romanov Russia.” – Editor of History.com

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