Raskolnikov Essay

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All the characters in the novel are tricky and contradictory. Their fate tightly related to living conditions and environment in which they live. Characterize heroes we can only from acts that characters do, because author's voice in the work is absent. Rodion Romanivich Raskolnikov - The protagonist of the novel. He is an attractive young man. "He was, by the way, exceptionally handsome, above the average in height, slim, well-built, with beautiful dark eyes and dark brown hair." Extraordinary intelligence, proud nature, sore ego and miserable existence - are the causes of the character's criminal behavior. He appreciates his own talents, considers himself as an exceptional personality, dreams about great future, but his financial situation …show more content…

Thereby he tries to prove himself, that he refers to the highest rank of people and can cross the blood. "Am I a trembling creature, or have I the right," - he thinks. But one crime entails more. Not guilty, wretched woman dies by his hands. The theory of the character about strong personality right leads to a deadlock. Only Sonya's love arouses in him faith in God, and revivify his dark soul. Raskolnikov's personality includes opposite qualities. Indifferent, cruel murder give away his last cent on the unfamiliar man's funeral, intervene in the fate of a young girl, trying to save her from dishonor. Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladova - young unfortunate girl. "Sonya was small in stature, about eight-teen years old, skinny, but really pretty blonde, with adorable blue eyes". She is young, naive and very kind. Father alcoholic, ill stepmother, starved step sisters and brother - are environment in which she lives. She is shy and timid nature, who cannot defend herself. However this fragile creature for the sake of family and relatives ready to sacrifice herself. She sells her body, by being a prostitute, to help her family, heading off after convicted

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