Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero

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If you were the richest person in the world what would you accomplish with all the money you had? Andrew Carnegie, an American Captain of Industry By far off the greatest profitable businessman during his age, Carnegie left his mark on industry, and ordinarily greatly impacted the expansion of business enterprise in America. Essentially, Carnegie rose from poverty to become one of the most influential, industrial men in history by single-handedly building the American steel industry. Andrew Carnegie was famously known for being a hero because he would provide plenty to the poor. Andrew Carnegie was a hero in numerous ways one of the first reasons why Andrew Carnegie was a hero was because he helped create a better environment for the poor …show more content…

Carnegie reduced the wages of working employees in his steel company (document D). But as a business man he needed to do the most conventional thing to win more money. The more money he won the more he gave to the poor. If working employees don’t get enough pay they are considered poor so the employees still benefit for pay and donated things from Carnegie. Plus people that were employees to Carnegie’s industry of steel at least had a job so they can survive longer. If you were in Carnegies shoes wouldn’t you do the same? Andrew Carnegie was just being a entrepreneur. At last, Andrew Carnegie was a hero to America because he had one of the most influential philanthropy of all philanthropists. “Because he can administer it for the community far better than it could or would have done itself.”(Document E) Carnegie helped society change in a way that they will understand that not all rich people are ignorant with their money. He also made them believe that they can achieve more than they think they can. His story developed people to change the way society was looked at. Carnegie dint only change people but he changed America. That is someone I can call a

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