Andrew Carnegie A Hero Essay

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Kevin ruiz
Mr. Plata
US History: Period 3
22 October 2017
The philanthropy of andrew carnegie; did it make him a hero
“The a who dies rich des disgraced”these were the wise words of a humble man andrew carnegie. Carnegie was born in 1835 in dunfermline, scotland. At age of twelve carnegie and his family set of to seek a better life in the united states; here he changed the course of history. Carnegie was able to build a multi- million dollar industry of steel. At the time united states was running on iron , soon the entire country was built of steel, from railroads, to skyscrapers,and to cars. Carnegie was a hero to this country as he led the country to a better economy. But is he really a hero?

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This nation rose to power with the help of carnegie. He was building a better economy for the country. E was also making our nation 's defence stronger ass steel was used to build our navy. He created many jobs he changed the way the country worke, ass people were abandoning their farms to come seek a better life in the itty. The fact that he was able to be the richest man on the planet at one point doesn 't make him a hero, he is a hero to the future of this country. On june 30 1892 the homestead strike occurred. Carnegie refused to give them better work conditions and high pay. The workers revolted against that but lost the fight. To the people in the upcoming generations this is a big step to the labor worker laws. These events set the stage for the better of our country, we always have to keep in mind that in the darkest times of this country arose prosperity many people suffered in harsh working conditions and now the present generation 's work with much safer work environments.this event wasn 't caused by carnegie as he wasn 't even factory as he set another man to take charge.
Andrew carnegie was indeed a hero in the eyes of many. He was a man who just seeked fortune, but who also knew that money comes at a vs cost. He set the stage for a new generation of americans. He was able to economically help out this

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