Was Henry Fleming A Hero

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“A big fish in a little” means ‘an important person in a relatively unimportant place’. When Henry Fleming was a kid, he always dreamed to be a hero in the war like heroes in the old Greek story, and he wants to be a hero until his first battle. Before the battle, he was excited to defeat enemies and lead troops to the win, but it did not happen, unfortunately He just ran away from battle. However, the first battle taught him what is the real war and the life.

“The youth ~ made weird and satanic effects.” (p.16).Even Henry Fleming had a big dream, when he was immature, which was to be a hero in the war like General from the old Greek story, and he could not think the war is not scary, dangerous, and horror. However, he thought the war was going to be a place that he can be a hero. After the first battle, he noticed war is not as much fun as he thought, so he ran away from the battle and worrying about how his fellow soldiers will talk about him after they caught him ran away. However, he became a man after ran away from the horror. …show more content…

After he ran away from the first engagement with Confederate, he found a wounded soldier, who was in the wood. A wounded guy wanted Henry to stay with him because he does not want to die alone, but Henry just abandoned him because he was afraid of being caught running away, and He learned what is the real war after met the tattered soldier. However, these horrible happened taught Henry about what is the real war, and he is not a teenager

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