Summary Of The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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Having a sibling or multiple can be painstaking at points but it can also a relationship that nobody can tear apart. I have a sibling and we have the greatest bond of all time. We share many of the same characteristics as Lyman and Henry. “The Red Convertible” is a great example of two brothers who love eachother but the war has torn them apart. After researching Louise Erdrich 's life and reading “The Red Convertible”, the best literary elements of the short-story are the car in general, the raging waters, and the boots filling up with water to drown Henry. Louise Erdrich was the child of Ralph Louis and Rita Joanne who had both affiliated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Her writing abilities and storytelling came from her family. Around eight years old, everybody in her family from her grandparents to her parents told her stories of how it had been on the Indian reservation during The Great Depression. Her father would mainly tell her stories of his relatives and the previous towns he used to live in. All of her seven siblings, including Louise, were urged to write stories, but she was the only one whose stories the children payed a nickel for. Louise’s mother helped her by, “creating book covers for her daughter 's manuscripts out of woven strips of construction paper and staples” (“Louise Erdrich …show more content…

When Lyman looks at the water, he, “felt something squeezing him inside… and tightening and trying to let go all at the same time” (Erdrich 329). He knew that it was how Henry really felt. The water moved very harsh that day just like Henry’s mind had been for a while now. Lyman did not know what had been going through his brother’s mind until he say the water. It made him feel uneasy the who night. Henry could not control himself like the water either. All of the memories had been flowing through him. People say that war can change a person and it definitely changed

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