Was John Brown A Revolutionary

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Have you ever wanted to make something that was unjust fair? Well probably not as bad as John Brown. John Brown was an abolitionist who lived before the civil war who wanted to abolish slavery so bad that he gathered around twenty slaves and tried to capture an armory but failed ultimately. The agreement about this between the South and the North is that he tried to abolish slavery by killing many slave owners , but this is where the views separated. The North thought John Brown was a revolutionary; however, the South thought he was a terrorist. John Brown was a revolutionary for three reasons, he was not fighting for his own personal little wishes, he was fighting for justice, and he knew there was a chance of death. The first reason John Brown is a revolutionary is he was not fighting for his own little wishes. He was fighting for the slaves’ freedom …show more content…

He was willing to die to make something happen, he went with a few men to conquer an armory, although he was not aware of the fact the probability of death was way higher than he thought because of his insanity, but he still knew that there was chance of death. The South thought John Brown was a terrorist. They state that he was evil for murdering a lot of citizens because some of them may have not treated their slaves that bad, and it is just plain evil to kill for no reason. This is not true. If they had slaves to begin with, that is already evil, and he killed people for that. So if the citizens were truly innocent in the first place, they would not have died because Brown did not kill people that had no slaves. So the statement that was previously stated was invalid. In conclusion, John Brown was a hero because he was not fighting for his personal wishes, he was fighting for justice, and he knew there was a chance of death. He was a revolutionary to the North, but a terrorist in the

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