We Didn T Start The Fire By Buddy Holly: Pop Culture

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Buddy Holly: Pop Culture: Domestic
Buddy Holly was referenced in Billy Joel’s song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Holly was a singer and songwriter before he died in 1959. Buddy Holly was mentioned in Billy Joel’s song because of his tragic death in 1959; Joel did not want him to be forgotten. After all, he was writing about major events that were happening, and the death of a pop sensation definitely fit perfectly into his song. Buddy Holly greatly affected today’s society by paving the way for new musicians and inspiring people across America. He still undoubtedly has many fans, though he has been dead for many years. Buddy Holly was a great musician whose music still lives on today.

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Jonas Stalk created another vaccine against poliomyelitis, a disease that causes polio. It was the second vaccine against the disease that had been made. Stalk’s vaccine helped save the lives of many people and prevented many polio outbreaks in the United States. His vaccine undoubtedly led to the creation of many more vaccines. It helps people today by prevent most of poliomyelitis. Billy Joel’s song, “We didn’t Start the Fire”, mentioned the polio vaccine that saved many lives.

England’s got a new queen: Political/Social: International The phrase, “England’s got a new queen”’ was mentioned in the song ,”We didn’t Start the Fire”. In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II took the throne after her father’s death. She was 27 when this happened and unfortunately her coronation did not occur until 1953. In fact, her coronation was the first major international occasion to be seen on television. She was also the first British royal to travel to Ireland in over a century. Her reign greatly affected America by being so involved in our media. Queen Elizabeth, almost a celebrity, is a great figurehead for Britain. She has affected America in so many positive …show more content…

Though in 1949, she had only made one album called “Your My Thrill”, starred in two movies called “My Dream is Yours” and “It’s a Great Feeling”, and her song ,“It’s Magic”. Her popularity led her to be a celebrity and pop star. She was an idol and inspired many future performers. Day’s films and songs no doubt had a great effect on where modern music is today. Doris Day was one of the many pop stars that moved America’s music and entertainment forward.

Walter Winchell: Social/Political: Domestic Walter Winchell was a popular journalist and radio host in 1949. He is still given the credit today of creating the gossip column. He was known for his very strong opinions, slang, and most especially, gossip. In fact one of his favorite sayings was “I usually get my stuff from people who promised somebody else they would keep it a secret”-Walter Winchell. He greatly affected how people thought through his newspaper articles. Sadly, in 1950 is broadcasts began to lose popularity because of his continuing support of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who had become an increasingly unpopular public figure. Over all, Walter Winchell was a very important public figure that affected today’s media

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