Weird Sisters In Macbeth's Collapse

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The Role of Weird Sisters in Macbeth’s Collapse In Shakespeare’s great play the Macbeth, there are lots of causes of Macbeth’s collapse. The factors of both his own personality defects and his power hungry wife Lady Macbeth contributed to downfall of Macbeth. However, The Three Witches were the most disastrous for Macbeth. Firstly, the sisters revived Macbeth’s dormant desires to be the most powerful. Secondly, their prophecies about his security were playing a vital role in Macbeth’s death. Thirdly, Macbeth thought that he would be happy someday because of the Witches’ wrong predictions. The Weird Sisters gave rise to Macbeth’s collapse by first reviving his sleeping desires to be king, also by deceiving him to feel safe and finally, by giving…show more content…
Thus, he felt that nobody can hurt him so that he thought that he is safe all the time. He was very sure about his secure until the Macduff threat. Although the Macbeth felt secure, Macduff who is not born of a woman was the only threat for him. As Jarold Ramsey states that “When he perceives that Macduff is the object of the witches' equivocation, the mortal man Fate has chosen to be its instrument against him, Macbeth gains the last and fullest fragment of tragic knowledge the dramatist grants him in this tragedy of limited and helpless knowledge”(298). On the other hand, Macbeth does not fear any mortal enemy, not even MacDuff though he is warned about him, only the unnatural. He was very confident and did not think he would fail. When the forest came to Macbeth’s castle, Malcolm’s army who camouflaged themselves with trees in order to give the appearance of forest attacked castle. In addition, Macbeth’s worry about dying affected his psychology and he became mad even he disregarded the sisters’ predictions. After the Three Witches have told the truth about his death, he did not believe. Finally, this is the reason of Macbeth’s death, because if they did not mislead Macbeth, he would not be too sure to feel completely…show more content…
Firstly, the three Witches bring to life his deep ambitions in his heart which caused him trouble but nothing. Secondly, their foretelling is the reason of Macbeth’s death because they told him that nobody could harm him. Thirdly, sisters convinced him to be happy someday if he maintains his kingship, which is too far away from the reality. The Three Sisters contribute enormously to Macbeth’s collapse. Witches are very dangerous if you believe them, as Thomas Szasz says that “In the past, men created witches: now they create mental
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