Wells Fargo's Ethical Ethics Of Wells Fargo Financial Corporation

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It is essential for individuals and those representing an organization to understand what is an ethical dilemma. Wells Fargo financial corporation was involved in a dramatic ethical issue due to millions of unauthorized bank account openings. As explained in The PLUS Ethical Decision-Making Model, “many organizations battle to develop a simple set of guidelines that make it easier for individual employees, regardless of position or level, to be confident that his/her decisions meet all of the competing standards for effective and ethical decision-making” (n.d). The Wells Fargo scandal is evident prove that employees lacked ethical judgment and management supervision. The seven ethical decision-making steps foster straightforward thinking that …show more content…

When it comes to the Ethical Decision Model, it does not just pertain to the employees who opened these accounts but also leadership who either failed to realize what was going on or decided to sweep it under the rug by just covertly firing some employees. Wells Fargo did take the first step in recognizing the problem but failed to define it, which explains why these unethical behaviors continued for so many years. When the corporation was initially aware of what was going on, they should have acted immediately and strategized a solution that would dilute the possibility of it occurring again. Instead of defining the problem, which would have foster, a proper solution but company decided to just terminate …show more content…

The implementation and education of the ethical decision-making model promote moral awareness and company values that can mitigate ethical dilemmas to an extent. The aftermath was devastating for Wells Fargo not just economically but for its image. The corporation can introduce this model in training courses for new hires and current employees. Also ensuring management comprehends the prominence of ethical decisions and are aware that they are the wheels of the car, therefore, lead by example. If the corporation initially had prioritized ethical values and decision-making evaluations at every level of the business, this scandal could have been prevented at least its magnitude. Contracting ethical officers and on-going training would have educated employees on the proper decision making steps. This dilemma safeguarded that Wells Fargo will take a different approach with its management team, ensuring they are trustworthy and promoting the company values, as customer satisfaction and trust is the

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