Were The Colonists Justified When Dumping The Tea Into The Water

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The colonists were justified when dumping the tea into the water. They created a plan to disguise themselves as British soldiers. The collectively decided that a change was needed and that they needed to do something about it. A third reason that they were right in doing that is the British were trying to tax the colonists without the colonists being represented in the government. Overall, I think that the colonists needed to make a stand for themselves and successfully did. The colonists came up with a plan to disguise themselves as British soldiers. Then on December 16, 1773 they would go onto the Dartmouth, Eleanor and the Beaver to dump the 342 crates of tea into the water. The Sons of liberty were the colonist group that decided a change was needed and created this plan. The group came up with this plan because they were paying taxes to a …show more content…

The colonists were living completely under British rule and according to the article “The Boston Tea Party” the American people wanted more of a role in governing themselves. The tax on tea would have been going to a government that they didn't even think was fair in the first place. Dumping the tea into the water was a good representation of all the money that they would have lost to the taxes being enforced. This was the best way to get the message to Great Britain. The main reason that the colonists did this is because their tea, along with many other items, were being unfairly taxed. According to the article, “Taxation without representation” was the Sons of Liberty motto. This means that although they were being taxed by the British, they were not at all represented in the government ruling. The Parliament controlled all parts of the American colonist government. The Great Britain government could have gone on to tax everything else that they used so it is a good thing they put a stop to it when they

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