What Are Gender Roles Of Women In Genesis

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There are several women in Genesis that portray the roles of female characters. The Book of Genesis is essentially a modulation of God’s intentions of males and females. In Genesis, God creates man in his image; noting that man needs a so-called companion, God creates woman. In the Book of Genesis, men and women are equal in that they are children of God, however; men and women are not equal in the sense that women are to attend to men, men are more so dominant than women are. God made woman out of a man, he made woman an attender to man, each contributing to one another and filling what the other is deficient of. In Genesis, God states, “ Wives, submit to your husbands,” once again, rendering the fact that women are to respect and submit to their husbands.…show more content…
These two characters are still used as quintessence for women today. Both Rebekah and Eve are subversive, in that they are disruptive and disobedient. Both women are analogous because they both communicate with God directly. Eve defines gender roles of female characters because she communicates with God directly, Eve represents everything a woman pursues that a man should shield against, and Eve is essentially where all evil rooted; Rebekah defines gender roles of female characters because she was forceful at a time when women were supposed to be obedient, she was deceiving, and she caused turmoil between her
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