What Are Jimi Hendrix Major Accomplishments

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Johnny Allen Hendrix was born November 27th, 1942 in Seattle Washington. Johnny later renamed James Marshal Hendrix by his dad was born and raised in Seattle. It was soon apparent that young Jimi took a liking to music. Taking in from every genre at the time. At age 16 Jimi’s father bought him his first guitar and it was apparent that Jimi had a knack for it. Shortly there after he joined his first band and the legend was born. Without Jimi Hendricks extremely progressive style of rock, its hard to believe that we would have the style of rock and roll that we have today. Born to a single mother in Seattle, Jimi’s early years were by no means easy. His mother Lucille had a rocky relationship with his father Al. She eventually left the family …show more content…

He is quoted in saying “I used to have Jimmy clean up the bedroom all the time while I was gone, and when I would come home I would find a lot of broom straws around the foot of the bed. I’d say to him, `Well didn’t you sweep up the floor?’ and he’d say, `Oh yeah,’ he did. But I’d find out later that he used to be sitting at the end of the bed there and strumming the broom like he was playing a guitar.” Leading him to give young Jimi his first instrument, a one stringed ukulele. Not exactly a Les Paul but a massive step up from a straw broom none the less. In the summer of 1958 Al purchased Jimi his first guitar. It was a 5 dollar acoustic guitar that Al purchased from one of his friends. The following year he purchased Jimi his first electric guitar, a right handed Supro Ozark. This is where Jimi’s genius is really shown. The second hand Supro Ozark was right handed, Jimi was not. He taught himself how to play the guitar upside down. Which many believe is the reason Jimi was able to make such incredible sounds with the guitar. Unable to read or write music Jimi had to focus even harder on the music that he …show more content…

That was until he followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the United States Army in 1961. Then in November 1962 Jimi earned the “Screaming Eagles” patch, meaning that he had joined the infamous paratroop division. While Station in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Jimi still could not resist his love for music. He formed a band called The King Casuals, playing with bassist Billy Cox. Unfortunately, soon thereafter Jimi suffered an injury during practice jump causing him to be discharged from the army. Through out 1965 and 1966 Jimi played with smaller bands, even taking playing back up guitar for what would be lead guitarists to play. It wasn’t until July 1966 that Jimi caught the ear of The Animal’s bassist Chas Chandler. He was quickly impressed and soon returned to sign Jimi to a recording contract. The contract would require Jimi to move to London in order to form a new band, The Jimi Hendrix

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