Johnny Cash Summary

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The book entitles Johnny Cash: The Autobiography written by Johnny Cash. This book is about Johnny Cash who is also called as the Man in Black, Country music Legend. This book has five parts, entitled Cinnamon Hill, The Road, Port Richey, Bon Aqua and The Road Again. He talks about the highs and lows, the struggles and hard-won triumphs, and the people who shaped him to become one of the music legends.
I. Summary
Johnny Cash was born in Dyess, Arkansas. He recalls his father’s care for them that he could do everything to make a living. At his very young age, with his family they moved to Kingsland to a common farming project put in place by the government. One particular day, Jack the older brother seems to feel unwillingness to go to his job operating a saw. The next day, Johnny’s father comes to get him later that day, saying that his older brother had …show more content…

He continues to travel and made more albums that focuses merely on his voice and his own acoustic guitar, and spend time for family and friends. He also talks at length about people who die on his original band including Luther Perkins and Roy Orbison. At the end the author says that he hopes he doesn’t disappoint the fans though they knew that he has aged. He hoped that all of the performers will die on stage, in the middle of a favorite song and surrounded by the loved ones and members of the band.
II. Conclusion
In general this book is worth reading because knowing the autobiography of a legend who is Johnny Cash is such a privileged. It reminds the readers that problems doesn’t matter if the motivation to live and the strength to survive is within the person he can surpass all his trails in life. It is commendable to those people who are depressed and this can enlighten their minds to the positive perspective in life. Try to value life chances are limited and no one knows when his last moment here is on

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