Discuss The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution

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Nathan Huot
Chapter 22 Notes
Causes of the Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution was caused by economic development, population growth, agricultural revolution, expansion of trade, and an openness to innovation. The population in Europe rose exponentially with the fastest growth occurring in England and Wales where the population rose from 5.5 million in 1688, to 9 million in 1801, and 18 million by 1851. The Agricultural Revolution, which helped the innovations in manufacturing in the Industrial Revolution, was a revolution in farming that provided food for the city dwellers and forced poorer peasants off the land. In Europe, increasing production by traditional ways was a solution to the increasing demand that accompanied population …show more content…

The pottery industry is an example of mass production that occurred in Europe. This was done through a division of labor. An example of mechanization is the cotton industry where the machines would take over job of separating cotton seeds from humans. The steam engine was significant because it made transportation so much faster and was the first machine to transform fossil duel into mechanical energy.
The Impact of the Early Industrial Revolution
Changes in society, politics, and economy were found due to the Industrial Revolution. Due to industrialization, towns and cities grew so fast with towns and cities increasing their population such as a twentyfold increase in Manchester. The Industrial Revolution led to an increase in deforestation so that land would be cleared to make new factories. Industrialization offered new opportunities for work, however, few were successful and the jobs were boring and repetitive along with the long work days. Industrialization made society change to distinguish people as either the rich or the poor.
New Economic and Political

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