What Caused The French Revolution

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Around the world, there’re many revolutions that had been caused by the citizens of those countries to find their own freedom. French Revolution, started in 1788, is considered to be one of the most important significant revolutions around the world. This revolution had change the whole country of France, such as the economy, population and government. But before the big changing of France, what had caused the revolution? Usually, in my perspective, the French revolution had been inspired by the American Revolution because the American was started before the France revolution and by the physical power of fighting for freedom of American over British people, the French had take this ideas and predict that they could do the same. But The French …show more content…

All the things they do is just for their own purpose, not for the whole country. Around the year, there’re a lot of government assembly for the whole country and sometimes, those assembly even involve 1st and 2nd estates people since they’re nobility but they never want to involve the 3rd estates in any government assembly because in their own opinion, they think that the 3rd estate people are insignificant. The 3rd estate have some people that’re even richer than the 2nd estate but still, the king doesn’t really notice about them because they’re still in a low level comparing to the king. eventhrough they had been suggested a lot of ideas. The economy had been going down very slowly around the 17th centry and people started getting poorer and poorer everyday. There’re thousand of people dying during this period and thousand of them are trying to find resources to make breads. But then the King, Louis XVI, is having an opposite life situation than them. He got everything he wants, such as clothes, jewelry and gold. Days go by, there’re some citizens that’s even lost their jobs and they start to get very angry of the king. They think that the King is just a disaster to them because he didn’t even provided the citiens any foods or even lands. The citizens in the 3rd estate, …show more content…

Unlike the other king, king Louis don’t even know how to control the country goodly. [4]King Louis XVI become king when he reach the age of 20 and that’s why he’s too young to control the country. Before he become a king, he had been having personal problem because he was kind of lack of self- confidence but still he’s trying to promise to become a good king but he faced too much government problem which had make him completely unthinking and starting to leaving his mind out and forget about the whole France. He’s also leave all of his duties and go hunting or lock making since he love outsider activities. He don’t really just depend on hisself, but he’s also listening to his queen because he believe that his wife is a smart women but the Queen is from Austria and she only been thinking for her own hometown, not France so all of the ideas she gave to the king was poor. Also, Marie is not also prepared to be a queen at the age of 19. Toward to the citizens, because the Queen is from Austria and Austria is a enemy-country of France, they didn’t even respect the Queen which had make her become unfamous when she married to king Louis because everyone think there’re no ways they’re going to listen to their enemy. The King also love his wife so much that he would provided her anything she wants, even expensive accessories and clothing . The king also shop himself cheap and fancy stuffs for himself and

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