What Caused The Plague Dbq Essay

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This Primary Source is an excerpt from "The Cremation of Strasbourg Jewry, St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 1349—About the Great Plague and the Burning of the Jews" This document talks about how the Jews were blamed for the spread of the plague by putting poisons into water and wells. Because of this it was decided that all Jews would be burned to death and none would be allowed to enter specific cities for 200 years.
Our primary source gives us an idea of what people thought started the plague. Many people blamed the Jews saying that they had killed christ and that they poisoned the water and the wells with the plague. The Black Plague allowed a new wave of Anti-Semitism to spread through Europe. “In the matter of this plague the Jews throughout the …show more content…

This tells us the reasoning that people believed proved that the Jews were guilty. As it says for this reason they were burned in these places as well as any other place that the word they should be burnt spread to. “However in Basel the citizens marched to the city-hall and compelled the council to take an oath that they would burn the Jews, and that they would allow no Jew to enter the city for the next two hundred years. Thereupon the Jews were arrested in all these places.” In some places the Jews had admitted to poisoning the water so they were burned. In some places however the Government believed the Jews should be left alone. This caused an uproar among the people of Strasbourg, because of the public demand the Jews of Strasbourg were arrested and a meeting was held. “The money was indeed the thing that killed the Jews. If they had been poor and if the feudal lords had not been in debt to them, they would not have been burnt.” This shows that since the Jews were wealthy at the time many Europeans

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