What Changes Occurred In The Western United States During The Late 1800s

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What changes occurred in the Western United States during the late 1800s? In the late 1800s, the U.S. expanded to the western part of the country which brought on tremendous change through migration and development. Before the time period which became known as the Western Expansion, the majority of the American people lived east of the Great Plains. When California became a state the country was expanded to the the Pacific coast but the land in the Midwest was still an undeveloped area. It was felt that America had a destiny to grow across the continent and with that growth create new unlimited opportunities for wealth, adventure and freedom. The Westward Expansion fulfilled the Manifest Destiny of the United States and brought many changes …show more content…

The railroad replaced stage coaches and wagon trains and provided a quicker and safer means of transportation for both people and goods. The section titled “Results of the Railroad” of the textbook explains that “The transcontinental railroad increased both economic growth and the population in the West”. Further in the passage our textbook states that “...wood, metals, meat and grain...” were sent from the west and in return “eastern businesses shipped manufactured goods to the west”. With the increased ease of moving materials and expanding commerce, more and more people chose to move west. As miners, ranchers and farmers moved west it changed the way of life for the Indians who called the west their home. The Indians struggled to keep control of their hunting lands and at first tried to work with the U. S. Government through treaties. On page 594 of the textbook it states that the “U.S. government tried to avoid disputes by negotiating the Treaty of Fort Laramie, further in the passage the textbook notes that the Indians “...allowed the United States to build forts and roads and to travel across the Indian …show more content…

People from all over the country headed west along with immigrants from other countries to take advantage of the free land the Homestead Act provided. On page 600 of our textbook it states that “ Many farming families moved from areas where farmland was becoming sparse like the New England States”. Further in the passage, we read learn that “the promise of land and a life free of discrimination also drew African Americans West”. These African Americans who moved west were called exodusters. Just as Americans wanted to go west for opportunity and a new life, immigrants from Norway, Sweden and other european countries came to America to start new lives in the west. Farmers became political in order to protect their interest and Farmers’ Alliances were created. On page 604 of the textbook it notes that “...in February of 1892, the Alliances formed a new national political party”. This party would be known as the Populist Party. People moving from all over the east and south along with new immigrants populated the Great Plains and changed not only the land but politics

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